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What we do

We provide I.T, engineering and graphical solutions to the photography, agricultural, manufacturing, education and marketing industries. We believe in being flexible to meet our different clients’ needs.

We approach each client’s problem with a good deal of thought and listening. We’re not into cookie-cutter solutions by squeezing every one into the same box. If we feel that your problem can be solved with some off-the-shelf product – we won’t hesitate to recommend it and save you some money. At the same time, if the solution you’re looking for requires custom retro-fitting, or building it from the ground up – then we have the skills and experience to manage that.

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Who we are

We pay close attention to the usability and human design of our products, and have an in-house graphic and usability designer giving our products and documentation a human touch.

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Contact Us

Our Details:

Phone: (03) 9434 7352 | Fax: (03) 9445 9097

Email: info@cornerstonesolutions.com.au

Address: Suite 1 & 2, Level 1, 2 Lambourn Rd, Watsonia 3087

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